Wednesday, February 20, 2013

                Throughout history there have been many great authors in different respects. Just as artists, authors need to choose the medium in which they will express their message. Authors could use poems, prose, or any other way to express their work. Two popular ways to express a work is either a novel or a play. Reading a play is very different from reading a novel in several key ways. First, reading a play forces you to think more about how the play would be acted out. When you read a novel, you are freer to create your own world. You can imagine both what the characters look like and create more full versions of their personalities for yourself. When reading a play, however, you are more coerced to use the author’s version of its production. You are more likely to look at past performances and when individuals read each like in the play, it provokes though about how each character would say it. People are more likely to think about voice inflection and overall meaning as it is more straightforward than in a novel.
                An interpretation of twelfth night if it were a novel might differ from one in its current state in a few ways. A novel allows people to create their own scenery, and situations. Therefore an interpretation would differ because people would most likely have different individual ideas about the specific scenes and characters in the story. Also, the thoughts about how the characters feel would be more open to interpretation because we would see less body movement if it were in a novel. The author would be able to create a better suspended reality in order to personify certain elements of the plot more effectively than in a play where most thing must be able to be acted out on stage.
                Watching the movie differs from reading the play because it varies the degree of control that the author has over the interpretation of the work to the audience. In a novel and a play it is impossible to show exactly what characters look like for the most part. Most of the interpretation is left up to the author. In the movie version of the work the director is the one who controls the audiences’ interpretation of the work. 

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