Sunday, August 26, 2012

this is not a test

I would like to formally announce that this is not a test contrary to popular belief. By popular belief I am of course referring to my own belief due to the fact that I am for the moment alone. Even though personally I do not find any particular issue with being alone it is a common American conception that being alone may be bad. Not necessarily alone in the context of a quiet afternoon reading by yourself but alone in the context of “hello! I am named Jacamo because my parents obviously had no concern with my personal ability to find a suitable mate in order to pro-create. Probably for the good of humanity as I contain the genes that veer me towards the tendency of naming my children something unpleasant enough as to harm their ability to secure social acceptability. Also I have a lot of cats, and by a lot I mean so many that any normal person would find me not normal. I may end up being alone (this is where the example is found) forever, or until I die”. This term of alone can also apply to similar instances of world Apocalypses and events similar to that.

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